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Working on the frontline of Victoria’s homelessness and Housing crisis we see first-hand the impacts of funding, community perceptions and industry voice.

We understand the importance of using our voice, experience and knowledge to shine a light on the issues facing Victorians’. We want to challenge any stereotypes.

Our continuous practice of listening and our years of lived experience mean our organisation has an empathy for the key issues, nuances and complexities within Victoria’s regions unlike any other. It’s important to us to share these learnings by showing the human story behind the statistics and help people understand the foundational benefit housing plays in people’s health, wellbeing and community connection.

How does Haven Home Safe Advocate?

We continue to use our voice to present new ideas, challenge existing concepts, and collaborate to advocate for a client-centred approach within the housing and homelessness sector.


With metropolitan capabilities and a regional focus, we bring a unique perspective and ensure that regional issues are part of the conversation in a sector challenged by increasing demand.


You will find our advocacy work in industry magazines and at conferences across Australia.


Working with local, state, and national media as well as our digital channels amplifies our advocacy work with a broader audience. We use these platforms to provide education and challenge stereotypes while shining a spotlight on issues of homelessness and housing.







How you can help.

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Recent Advocacy Pieces

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Thought Leadership 03/05/2023

Let’s not normalise NIMBYism

There’s more to the stories you read about NIMBYism and it’s time for a public conversation about NIMBY opposition to increased density to come out into the open.
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Media Release 18/04/2023

Impacts of H2H Program Affirm Calls For Funding Renewal

H2H has had a meaningful impact on the lives of those who it has supported since its inception in 2020. Haven Home Safe joins the Council to Homeless Persons call to the Victorian Government to renew funding to this program and invest $268.8 million into the program over the next four years allowing for both continuity and growth.
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Media Release 23/03/2023

Census confirms we need to do better with housing

The latest census data shows the lack of investment in social and affordable housing has left Victoria in a state of peril.
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