The Victorian Government May State Budget is fast approaching as is the expiry date on the Homelessness to a Home (H2H) program whose current funding will wrap up this year.

Haven Home Safe in partnership with Mind Australia are the current providers of H2H in the Barwon and Loddon Mallee regions, delivering 237 of the regional programs with 416 packages across Victoria.

Haven Home Safe joins the Council to Homeless Persons call to the Victorian Government to renew funding to this program and invest $268.8 million into the program over the next four years allowing for both continuity and growth.

“The H2H program demonstrated that Victoria has the capacity to support people experiencing homelessness into a safe and secure living environment. At Haven Home Safe we have seen first-hand the enormous impact of this program. We have clients who, through H2H have gone from being homeless to having steady employment, a secure support network and self-managing their own rental tenancies. With more people facing housing stress and potential homelessness it is critical we continue to fund this program which has proven to be make a meaningful difference to people experiencing homelessness” said Haven Home Safe CEO Trudi Ray.

In a call to renew investment into this program Council for Homeless Persons (CHP) distributed the following media releases:

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