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Placemaking is an approach that positively impacts the way renters engage with their homes and the wider community.

We recognise placemaking approaches create a connection to place and an important sense of ownership, increase inclusion, improve wellbeing, empower residents and improve safety.

With a vision of creating ‘more than a home; helping communities shine’ Haven Home Safe (HHS) engaged Australia’s first placemaking consultants, Village Well, to develop a placemaking framework and principles specifically to fulfil this vision for our homes, starting with the Stage 1 residences at Epping, which were completed early 2023.


Placemaking principals have been interwoven throughout the entire development project.  


These provide a ‘true north’ towards achieving our placemaking vision and include: 


  • Confident connectedness – Residents and the surrounding community are connected, both physically and socially. 
  • Enticing gathering spaces – Gathering spaces are the building blocks and canvas for social connectedness and staff are the early activators of these spaces. 
  • Celebrate unique identities – Everyone is welcome, and differences are celebrated.  
  • Empowered to thrive – Residents are empowered to pursue education, employment, and training opportunities, and feel valued as a contributing member of the community.  


Haven Home Safe are using these principles and our new organisation-wide placemaking framework to retrofit some of our existing high-density homes to help improve renter experiences. This includes collaborating with local providers to introduce activities like walking groups enabling renters to meet their neighbours, interact with HHS and to also meet local service providers.

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Thought Leadership 08/05/2023

Placing client at the core through placemaking

We are committed to placing the client at the core of our decisions, systems and services. One way we can deliver this commitment is through placemaking.
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