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Victoria to enter 7 day lockdown from midnight

The State Government has announced a circuit breaker lockdown in response to the growing cluster in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, with exposure sites in a number of suburban and regional areas.

The four standard reasons to leave home have been reimposed:

  1. Necessary shopping (within 5km radius of home)
  2. Authorised work or education
  3. Caregiving / compassionate
  4. Exercise – 2 hr daily limit (within 5km radius of home)

One new reason:

  1. Getting a COVID-19 vaccination (eligibility now extended to those aged 40 and over)
Key restrictions during this lockdown are:
  • Masks to be worn everywhere when not at home
  • Childcare and kindergartens will remain open
  • Secondary schools remote learning only
  • Primary schools remote learning except for children of emergency workers, who may still attend
  • No visitors to private homes
  • Singles bubbles are permitted
  • Restaurants, pubs, cafes take away or click and collect only
  • Professional sport will be conducted without crowds
  • Hotels / clubs closed
  • Personal services (hair & beauty etc.) are closed
  • Visits to aged care and hospital settings limited to ‘end of life’ (refer Govt website for specific exemptions)
  • Funerals 10 people plus officiators
  • Weddings not allowed
  • Religious services online only
Impact on HHS Clients:
  • Any property inspections that were scheduled will be postponed.
  • Emergency maintenance only, non-urgent to be deferred until after the lockdown ends.
  • Our Rough Sleeper programs will continue to operate.


If you are eligible to be vaccinated, here is the list of vaccination sites:

A full list of vaccination sites is available below.


Masks must be carried at all times and must be worn indoors and outdoors except at home.

All schools will move to remote learning except for vulnerable children and children of authorised workers.

Childcare and kindergartens will remain open.

Higher education must move to remote learning.

Public and private gatherings are not permitted indoors or outdoors, except for visiting intimate partners.

Single-person bubbles are allowed for those living alone. 

Restaurants, pubs, and cafes can provide takeaway only. 

All entertainment venues including cinemas, drive-in cinemas, amusement parks, casinos, betting and gaming venues, brothels and sexually explicit venues will close.

Click-and-collect is permitted at libraries and retail stores.

All hairdressers, personal services, and beauty services must close. 

Victorians can exercise for up to two hours a day within 5km of their home with a maximum of one other person.

Swimming pools, indoor gym and recreation centres, play centres, indoor skate parks, and indoor trampolining centres will close. 

Outdoor playgrounds remain open.

Approved professional sporting events can go ahead but without spectators.

Aged care facilities will not be allowed visitors except for end-of-life reasons.

Visitors to hospitals are only allowed if it’s for patients on end-of-life care, a parent accompanying a child, or to support a partner giving birth.

You must work from home unless you are an authorised worker.

There will be no worker permits this lockdown.


Supermarkets, petrol stations, bottle shops, banks, and pharmacies can remain open but Victorians must only shop within 5km of home unless the closest shop is more than 5km away.

Other retail can provide click-and-collect.

A maximum of 10 people are allowed at funerals, plus those running the service.

Children under 12 months old are not counted towards this cap.

Weddings are not allowed unless deportation or end-of-life reasons apply. If those reasons do apply, the wedding can only have five people, including the two people getting married, a celebrant, and two witnesses.

Auctions must move online. 


No outdoor gatherings are allowed.


Victorian residents cannot travel further than 5km from their home except:

  • To access food and other essential supplies outside the 5km radius
  • To visit an intimate partner
  • To visit a person in your single bubble
  • Allowed to travel for authorised work and permitted education
  • Work at an interstate location (where permitted by another state)
  • Care and compassionate reasons

Hotels must close unless for permitted reasons, or shelter in place. 

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