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Mülkünüzü boşaltmak

So you’re moving out? You’ve packed your belongings, said your goodbyes and you’re getting ready to move on, but hold up! Make sure you follow our checklist of the top ten things you need to do before you finally vacate your HHS property.

When it’s time to vacate, it’s important to make sure you’ve covered everything off in order to get your deposit back and ensure you don’t incur any fines.

Check that you’ve done these ten things before you go:

  1. Call cleaning services 
  2. Remove all belongings and rubbish 
  3. Get cleaning  
  4. Start cleaning each room from top to bottom – including lights and cobwebs 
  5. Clean the bathroom  
  6. Clean the external windows 
  7. Mow the lawns and external paths 
  8. Put all bins out for collection 
  9. Contact maintenance dept for any issues, mail re-direction and disconnect utilities 
  10. Collect keys and return to HHS and sign the key return form 

You’re now ready to vacate your HHS property!