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Rent payment

We’re here to help make paying your rent as easy and stress-free as possible. We know that our tenants don’t always know where to start with this, so we’ve put together some key information to help you understand the process and procedure of paying rent.

We operate with a “rent first” ethos. This means that as a HHS tenant, paying your rent on time and keeping us informed of any difficulties you may encounter is your number one priority.

Ensuring that you are safe and have a roof over your head is the most important thing. It means that other areas of your life can be managed better.

We’ve compiled some common frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we’ve had from tenants over the years and provided answers to these below.

For any further and more specific enquiries, please contact your Tenancy & Property Manager.


Rent for all HHS properties is payable every fortnight for the following two weeks, ie: you pay rent in advance. 

Rent is calculated for Affordable Housing (AHA) properties according to this policy. We review rent annually or if there are any changes to your circumstances. 

Step 1: Before you pay your rent, have your Tenancy Reference ID number ready.   

Step 2:  There are a number of ways you can pay your rent. Select from one of the following options: 

Step 3: Include your Tenancy Reference ID number in the payment description. Please contact us before making a payment if you don’t know your number. 

Step 4: Confirm payment. We will issue you with a receipt

If your income changes at any point throughout the year, you need to let your Tenancy & Property Manager know. This includes situations such as: employment changes, Centrelink payment increases/decreases or any other changes your circumstances (are there any there any other common notable ones?)

Get in touch with your Tenancy & Property Manager as soon as possible. They will be able to advise if we can assist with short and long term options for you so you can manage to pay your rent and your bills. We can set you up with a payment plan which spreads the payment out over a longer period of time.

If you are 14 days in arrears (ie: behind) with your rent payments, you will be issued with a Notice To Vacate. This will be delivered as a formal letter in the mail.

If you don’t comply with an agreement to pay, we will apply to VCAT for a possession order. This can lead to eviction from your property.