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Surplus land to provide the hope of a home for those who need it most in Geelong


Haven Home Safe (HHS) has supported last night’s decision by Geelong Council to endorse community engagement on the use of three parcels of land for future social housing.

Housing affordability, rapidly rising rents, and a large proportion of homes unutilised due to the high number of holiday homes in the region are just some of the challenges facing Greater Geelong communities. The issue is exacerbated with the added pressures of high population growth and extremely low vacancy rates in the region. Greater Geelong will need around 13,500 social and affordable houses by 2041 to keep on top of the homelessness crisis.

Deputy CEO Trudi Ray said one of the challenges in Geelong is availability of land to increase social housing stock. Ms Ray said by working in partnership with local and state government to use surplus land, more social and affordable housing can be built to meet the increasing need.

HHS is one of Victoria’s largest community housing associations and the only one based in Geelong. Currently HHS owns 151 properties in the region which are rented out at an affordable rate to eligible customers through the Victorian Housing Register. HHS is investing further in the Geelong region, establishing a new office in 2021 and is committed to supporting and working with local communities.

HHS has trusted partnerships with local organisations such as the Salvation Army, Barwon Child Youth and Family, NEAMI, Wathaurong Aboriginal Coop, the Sexual Assault and Family Violence Centre to offer wrap-around support services and have positive impact on long-term tenancies and tenant wellbeing.

“As Council opens up community engagement on this land, we encourage people to recognise the benefits social and affordable housing brings to local communities. Housing plays a critical role in the health and wellbeing of individuals and their families and provides a foundation for a better life.”

“Often the people coming through our doors for help are not who you may expect. We have a significant number of older women over 50, many escaping domestic violence. This decision made by Council means we can bring more hope, care and help to the people that need it most in Greater Geelong,” she said.

For more information:

Bonnie Szymczak,
Communications and Marketing Director
0417 894 824

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