Haven; Home, Safe is focussed on delivering More Homes and More Supports to vulnerable Victorians through developing More Partnerships and More Capacity.

Our experience tells us the only cure for the current housing crisis is more stock of affordable, safe and secure housing.

We also know that providing housing alone rarely solves the entrenched challenges that are faced daily by many of society’s most vulnerable – the homeless.

That is why Haven; Home, Safe is more than just housing…

We have a unique operating model that delivers Australia’s only fully integrated homelessness support and housing service, offering access to services and supporting people through emergency accommodation to transitional housing, until we can source long-term housing.

And we know what we are doing – we have been delivering services to the homeless since 1978.

We have a clear Purpose and Values and we have set our Goals and Priorities to achieve our 2022 Ideal Future State… not the end goal, but a significant step towards supporting more vulnerable Victorians to find and keep a place they can call home.