Уверите се да је Јавасцрипт омогућен за потребе доступност веб локација

Помоћ у хитним случајевима

If you need short term financial help to meet your immediate needs, Emergency Relief funding is available for food vouchers, supermarket vouchers, petrol vouchers, utility bill payment and other essentials. Contact us on 1300 428 364 for assistance.

Еаси Реад

First of all, you’ll need to visit one of our offices so we can conduct an assessment of your circumstances and determine how we can assist you. 

We provide Emergency Relief funding for individuals and families in times of crisis to meet immediate basic needs. It is short-term funding and covers assistance for material items such as: 

  • food vouchers  
  • supermarket vouchers 
  • petrol vouchers 
  • assistance to pay utility bills 
  • other essentials (may vary in nature depending on location) 
  • car registration


Anyone who is: 

  • experiencing financial difficulty due to circumstances
  • on a low income

How can I access Emergency Relief funding?

At our Geelong office, we provide emergency relief and short-term assistance to help with immediate basic needs for individuals and families in times of crisis. This includes:
  • Food vouchers
  • Petrol vouchers
  • Assistance to pay utility bills
  • Referrals to support services as required
The Emergency Relief (ER) application process is:
  • Make an appointment with the Geelong Haven Home Safe office.
  • Appointments are available on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • To access funds clients will be required to provide photo ID, copy of utility bills, invoices (if applicable)
  • To prepare for your ER appointment please identify any outstanding utility bills

Видите Приступ нашим услугама page for further information or call 1300 428 364

If you are located in Metro (North-East Melbourne) we can refer you on to other providers. 

Contact us on 1300 428 365

Нисте могли пронаћи оно што тражите?

На располагању су нам и друге услуге које би могле бити од помоћи.

Ако вам је потребна краткорочна финансијска помоћ да бисте задовољили своје тренутне потребе, средства хитне помоћи ће бити доступна за ваучере за храну, ваучере за супермаркете, ваучере за бензин, за плаћање рачуна за комуналне услуге и друге основне потрепштине.

Контактирајте нас на 1300 428 364 за помоћ.