Уверите се да је Јавасцрипт омогућен за потребе доступност веб локација

Како приступити нашим услугама

To access our financial assistance, case coordination and housing support services, you’ll need an Initial Assessment & Planning appointment at one of our offices. These are located in Bendigo, Preston or Mildura.


Еаси Реад

Имате ли где да останете вечерас?

We can help you find emergency accommodation in Loddon, Mallee, Metro areas of Victoria and we may be able to assist you with financial and material aid.

Nowhere to stay

Visit one of our offices for a same day appointment

Somewhere to stay but not for long

Call 1300 428 364 to make an appointment to see one of our team .


Ми поштујемо ваше права и приватност.

Our offices are still open

Како можемо помоћи

We offer financial assistance, housing and case coordination in the areas of: 

  • Loddon (Bendigo and Greater Bendigo region) 
  • Metro (covers North East Melbourne region) 
  • Mallee (Mildura and the wider Mallee region) 

We can help you by: 

  • Undertaking assessments to identify what type of support you may require depending on your specific needs and circumstances 
  • Providing information on available accommodation options (crisis accommodation, private rental, and social housing) 
  • Making referrals to other support services if we cannot help you or you require further assistance 
  • Arranging and purchasing room/s within crisis accommodation for you 
  • Assisting you to complete application forms for social housing providers 
  • Providing assistance and advocacy to resolve tenancy issues with private landlords East


We provide homelessness services across the Loddon, Mallee, Hume Moreland, and North Eastern Melbourne areas of the state which take in 29 Local Government Areas. 

Anyone who is in the Mallee is over the age of 16 years old, in Metro (Hume Moreland and North Eastern Melbourne) is over 18 years old, and in Loddon is over the age of 20 years old, is eligible for support.

Како приступити нашим услугама

  • Are you currently living in Loddon, Mallee or Metro (North-East Melbourne) areas? 
  • Are you over the age of 16 years old? 

This is so we can better understand your circumstances. This includes: 

  • Centrelink number 
  • Proof of identity (passport, drivers licence, ID card) 
  • Existing bills you need assistance paying 
  • Bank statements  
  • Any other information you think may be relevant 

This is for an Initial Assessment and Planning (IAP) appointment

  • Make an appointment first, by calling 1300 428 364  
  • Our offices are open Monday to Friday, between 10am – 4pm
  • Arrive just before your appointment time, we have a virtual concierge to greet you when you arrive 
  • The virtual concierge will direct you to a private meeting room.
  • A member of our IAP team will conduct an assessment of your circumstances, review any documents you have and advise how we can help you.
  • Sometimes, if appropriate, we will refer you to another community services organisation who offers specialised support for your particular needs.


  • If you require a follow up appointment, we will make one for you after your initial assessment and let you know what other documents or information you will need to bring.

Ако вам је потребна краткорочна финансијска помоћ да бисте задовољили своје тренутне потребе, средства хитне помоћи ће бити доступна за ваучере за храну, ваучере за супермаркете, ваучере за бензин, за плаћање рачуна за комуналне услуге и друге основне потрепштине.

Контактирајте нас на 1300 428 364 за помоћ.