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Long-term housing (AHA)

Long-term housing means that you rent an affordable property from us at a rate contingent with your income with a long-term vision.

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Am I eligible to apply for long-term housing?

When assessing eligibility for long-term affordable housing, we look at factors such as:

How can I access long-term affordable housing?

By registering an application with the VHR and seeking support from Haven; Home, Safe.

Once you have successfully registered, we will be notified and will contact you via email when a suitable property becomes available.

If you need assistance with registering on the VHR, please fill out the contact form and we will arrange for one of our staff to call you.

Please note! Due to high demand, there can be significant waiting periods to get long-term housing.

How we can help you

To access our services, you’ll need to visit one of our offices so we can conduct an assessment

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We have other services available which may be of assistance.

If you need short term financial help to meet your immediate needs, Emergency Relief funding will is available for food vouchers, supermarket vouchers, petrol vouchers, to pay utility bills and other essentials.

Contact us on 1300 428 364 for assistance.