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Long-term housing (AHA)

Long-term housing means that you rent an affordable property from us at a rate contingent with your income with a long-term vision. 

Am I eligible to apply for long-term housing? 

When assessing eligibility for long-term affordable housing, we look at factors such as: 

How can I access long-term affordable housing? 

By registering an application with the VHR and seeking support from Haven; Home, Safe.

Please note – there is currently a long wait time on accessing long-term affordable housing due to demand.

What’s the process for applying for long-term affordable housing? 

  1. Log in to your MyGov account and then sign up to the VHR from there
  2. Register your interest in a property of your choice as listed on Rental Vacancies page
  3. Wait for Haven; Home, Safe staff member to get in touch with you
  4. Submit an application for the property
  5. Visit the property
  6. If you accept, you will enter into a contract agreement with Haven; Home, Safe
  7. Move in

How we can help you

To access our services, you’ll need to visit one of our offices so we can conduct an assessment

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