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Transitional housing (THM)

Transitional Housing is short-term accommodation funded by the State Government’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Transitional Housing accomodation has a support program and assigned support worker who provides housing advice and planning, depending on your personal circumstances and helps you achieve a longer-term housing solution.

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It acts as a temporary option before you move to more permanent housing in public housing, community housing or the private rental market.

The length of time people spend in transitional properties varies, but is generally for a maximum of two years. Some people in transitional housing have priority approval for public and community housing and wish to wait for an offer of permanent housing. Others aim to move on into private rental once they have stabilised their life.

Am I eligible to apply for transitional housing?

You cannot apply for transitional housing. 

You will need to be either:

  1. Case managed by Haven; Home, Safe staff in order to qualify for Haven; Home, Safe nomination right properties or 
  2. Engaged with a support service that has nomination rights for transitional properties and a support worker who can refer you.

How can I access transitional housing?

That sounds great, how do I get it?

  • You need to be working with a support service who refers you to a transitional housing property
  • These applications are assessed depending on a range of factors and priority needs
  • Transitional housing is then allocated

What is transitional housing like to live in?

  • If you are offered a transitional property, you will be expected to engage with your support service for the duration of your tenancy. They will work with you to develop a Housing Plan.
  • Living in transitional property is like any other renting – we expect you to pay your rent, look after the property, report any maintenance required and be a good neighbour

How can I access long-term affordable housing?

By registering an application with the Victorian Housing Register and checking availability on the Haven; Home, Safe area of realestate.com.au.

Como podemos te ajudar

Para acessar nossos serviços, você precisará visitar um de nossos escritórios para que possamos realizar uma avaliação

Não encontrou o que estava procurando?

Temos outros serviços disponíveis que podem ser úteis.

If you need short term financial help to meet your immediate needs, Emergency Relief funding will is available for food vouchers, supermarket vouchers, petrol vouchers, to pay utility bills and other essentials.

Contact us on 1300 428 364 for assistance.