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Privacy & Rights


We are committed to protecting your confidential information.

We rely on this information to help provide the right care for you, which includes:

  • assessing your eligibility for our services;
  • assessing rent payable; and
  • addressing any special accommodation needs.

Your information will only be seen by the staff who are involved in your care. We will only release your information to outside agencies if you agree, or if required to by law, such as in a medical emergency.

You have the right to see your information and ask for it to be corrected at any time.

If you decide not to share some of your information or restrict access to your consumer record, this is your right. However, it may affect our ability to provide you with the best possible service.

We do everything we can to make sure that your privacy is not breached by storing your details securely. However, if you think that your private information has been compromised, you may lodge a complaint and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Your privacy is also protected by law. If you feel that the issue has not been resolved, you may refer the matter to:

Victorian Privacy Commissioner


Health Complaints Commissioner

Tel: 1300 582 113

Australian Information Commissioner
Tel: 1300 363 992

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
Tel: 1800 035 544

The information we may request from you includes: 

Your full name and/or children’s names 

Date of birth 

Personal income details 

Current and previous living/housing history 

Place of birth and ethnic origin 

Preferred language 

Marital status 

Disability type (if any) 

History at the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) 

Your Customer Reference Number (CRN) 

Cultural safety requirements 

Talk to us if you wish to change or cancel your consent


We are committed to the principles of equal opportunity, access and equity when working with you. 


To uphold your rights and safety we will: 

  • work on your behalf without discrimination or favour; 
  • provide you with interpreting or translating services as required; 
  • ensure that disability will not hinder you in accessing services. 


You have the right to: 

  • quality service delivered in a professional and respectful manner; 
  • privacy and confidentiality; 
  • a worker of your choice (where possible); 
  • advocacy; 
  • make choices that will affect your future; 
  • be involved in service delivery and decision-making; 
  • withhold information if you wish; 
  • lodge complaints and appeals when required. 


You can help us by: 

  • ensuring the information you provide is accurate; 
  • being respectful to our staff; 
  • respecting the rights and cultural values of others. 

Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is a guide used by our staff to ensure that their actions always reflect the values of our organisation.

They outline the professional standards that they are required to follow in providing a high quality service to you. You can request a copy of our codes from our staff at any time.


We welcome your feedback

Please feel free to provide our staff with feedback about our service at any time by:

Online: Completing the Feedback and Complaints form 

Email: ; or

Post:     Haven; Home, Safe
               PO Box 212, Bendigo, VIC 3552

Visit:     Your nearest Haven; Home, Safe branch

You can expect an initial response within three business days.


We respect your right to complain. 

Steps to follow when lodging a complaint:

Step 1: To complain or appeal a decision, you should first try and resolve it with your assigned worker.


Step 2: If Step 1 is unsuccessful, there are various ways you can submit a formal complaint. You can choose to exclude your contact details if you prefer to remain anonymous.


Step 3: If Step 2 doesn’t resolve your concerns, then the matter can be referred to a higher management level for attention.


If you feel some action, or lack of action by us is wrong, you also have the right to assistance and support from the following agencies:

Council to Homeless Persons
Tel: 1800 066 256

Tenants Victoria Advice Line
Tel: 03 9416 2577

Disability Services Commissioner
Tel: 1800 677 342

Housing Justice (Central and Northern Victoria only)
Tel: 1800 450 990

Justice Connect

Housing Registrar
Tel: 03 7005 8984