Haven Home Safe is proud to be partnering with the Victorian State Government to deliver 14 new social and affordable homes in Ballarat. Due for completion by the end of the year, the two, three and four-bedroom homes will provide much needed housing for 44 people from the Victorian Housing Register.

Haven Home Safe has invested $1.23 million alongside the Victorian Government’s $4.47 million investment as part of the Big Housing Build and will manage the tenancies once the build is complete.

In the Ballarat region, demand for social and affordable housing is for over 1,700 properties. Only 52.4% of rental properties in Ballarat are considered affordable and there are significant numbers of young people requiring housing due to domestic or family violence.

“Haven Home Safe is proud to provide hope, care and help to Victorian communities to prevent homelessness and end housing stress. These 14 new homes will provide stability and security for 44 people so they can better plan for their future, knowing they have a rental they can afford and rely on.” 

Andrew Cairns, Haven Home Safe CEO

The homes will all be electric with efficient heat pump hot water, double glazed windows, rooftop solar collection and meet liveable housing design silver.

Thoughtfully positioned, the homes provide easy access to all amenities, including healthcare, schools, childcare and shopping and public transport.

Haven Home Safe is the first registered housing association in Victoria and has a long history of supporting government in the delivery of their programs.

“This investment delivers much-needed rental homes integrated into this wonderful area in Canadian, close to amenities for new residents. The Big Housing Build will deliver hundreds of homes across regional Victoria for people in need of affordable housing and we’re pleased to be partnering with the State Government to deliver this project along with many others across the state.” 

Damien Tangey, Haven Home Safe Chair

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