We know that housing provides the foundation for people to address other aspects of their life which may be contributing to their experience of homelessness. That’s why we’re strong advocates for the Victorian Government’s investment in the From Homelessness to a Home program (H2H).  

In June 2021 John* and Jane* were referred to Haven Home Safe through the Homelessness to a Home program (H2H).  

At that time, they were both homeless and their four children were living with other family members. Jane was experiencing mental and physical health challenges, making finding employment and a home impossible.  

Through H2H they were able to be connected with a home and necessary support services.   

18 months later, life could not look more different. Jane’s developed strategies to help her manage her health and is feeling much better. She has found part-time work in retail and John is working full-time as a truck driver.  

Their family has been reunited with their children moving back in with them. Excitingly, John and Jane have been approved by their landlord to take over their headlease, meaning they are now independent renters.   

*not their real names 

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