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Metro Melbourne enters COVID-19 Third Step

From 11:59pm Tuesday 27 October 2020 Third Step restrictions apply in Metro Melbourne.

Summary of the Third Step and further easing of restrictions:

  • Stay safe: no restrictions on reasons to leave the house, must remain within 25km of home (with exceptions, including care for childminding, end of life, resting place, real estate.)
  • Intrastate travel: no change.
  • Restrictions on travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria will remain in place until metropolitan Melbourne aligns with regional Victoria on 8 November
  • Face coverings: no change

There are also changes to:

  • Gatherings of people
  •  Indoor sport and recreation
  • Outdoor sport and recreation including pools
  • Community facilities
  • Childcare facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Study
  • Shopping, retail and personal services
  • Entertainment
  • Ceremonies and religious gatherings
  • Real estate services
  • Accommodation
  • Tourism (tours and transport)
  • Industry
These changes will remain in place until Sunday 8 November, when there will be further easing of restrictions to align Melbourne with regional Victoria.

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