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Il nostro credo

Our Credo defines our conscious, collective, collaborative, constant culture.

It speaks to us now and into the future.

It is not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

Our Credo identifies our why and why not.

We are all in this together

We aim to prevent homelessness and housing crisis as much as we aspire to address it where it occurs.

We recognise that we need skilled, compassionate, similarly oriented people to do this.

We do this by our Directors, Executives, Managers and our Staff, working as one. Each group focused on their roles diligently, passionately and professionally.

As a deliberate participant and organisation in the third sector (i.e. not government, not business) we hold dear our purpose, our values and our independence as a critical part of the fabric of a functioning community.

We are a natural partner of governments, but never at the expense of our values or credo.

We are committed to universal human rights in our work and desire that all are free from discrimination and pledge equal access to privacy, dignity, equality, freedom, economic and social participation and other inherent rights.

These rights guide us in our credo, codes of conduct, operations and relationships with stakeholders.

We focus on peoples’ needs for shelter in affordable, accessible, secure housing, with appropriate life skills or supports to maintain and sustain human dignity and aspirational opportunities.

We understand that no budget is ever big enough, that clocks keep ticking and the windows of opportunity with clients, funders and supporters are often brief, but nonetheless we persist.

Every part of our organisation must be bold and brave. We are relentless. There is a mixture of horror and joy in the work we do. We acknowledge there can be vicarious trauma for our staff, and as an organisation we are committed to supporting our staff.

We adhere to high standards. We treat everyone respectfully in our workplace. We are inclusive and respectful to all.

Everyone at Haven; Home, Safe delivers their very best in their role. Everybody is actively on board.

We are actively working for a better society, where everyone has an opportunity to make change for the better. Change that we create together.

We are proud to be leaders in the community in speaking up and speaking out. We are clear about what we do and don’t stand for.

What we do is important. Our job is to help the most vulnerable to become better versions of themselves by underpinning their basic needs with the resources they need for shelter and support. In doing so, we become better versions of ourselves.

We say what we will do, and we do what we say. Our currency is delivery, results, reliability and trust.