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Popravci i održavanje

Our Maintenance Service Team are here to help with your repairs and maintenance requests as soon as possible. 

Lodging a request for repairs and maintenance

  • Business hours (9am-5pm) – Call your Haven; Home, Safe Tenancy and Property Manager
  • After-hours (evenings and weekends) – Call DHHS directly on 13 11 72
  • Business hours (9am-5pm): Call our Maintenance Service Team on 1300 100 242
  • After-hours (evenings and weekends): Call the After-Hours Service Team on 1300 100 242

What happens when you lodge a request?

We engage highly qualified, professional contractors to carry out essential work for your peace of mind in a timely and responsive manner.

  • Step 1: Is this an urgent repair?

    Read our guide below for what is an urgent issue.

    If YES - call us at any time 24/7

    If NO - call during business hours (Mon–Fri, 9am-5pm)

  • Step 2: We record your details

    We will require the following information: Your name, address and phone number Details of the problem, including serial numbers of appliances where possible How and when we can access to your home to carry out the work

  • Step 3: We send a tradesperson

    We provide your details to a suitable tradesperson in your area who will contact you directly to arrange a time to undertake the repair.

How to tell if you require an urgent repair

The following issues are classified as urgent repairs. 

Click on the repair type below and check if the repair you require is urgent before calling us out of office hours.

  • Usluga pucanja vode
  • Curenje plina
  • Dangerous electrical fault
  • Kvar ili kvar na opskrbi plinom, strujom ili vodom
  • Blokiran ili pokvaren WC sustav
  • Failure or breakdown of any essential service/appliance provided by HHS for hot water or heating
  • An appliance, fitting, or fixture that is not working properly and causes a substantial amount of water to be wasted
  • Ozbiljno curenje krova
  • Serious fault in a lift or staircase
  • Svaka greška ili šteta u prostoriji koja čini prostor nesigurnim ili nesigurnim
  • Poplava ili ozbiljna šteta od poplave
  • Ozbiljna šteta od oluje ili požara