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Tram Road

The project

Tram Road is a $34.5 million property development in the heart of Doncaster which provides secure, long-term housing for a mix of singles, families and key workers, including tenants with physical disability. It’s a 98-apartment building with a range of unit sizes and a community-orientated environment. 

About Tram Road 

  • $34.5 million property development in the heart of Doncaster 
  • 98 apartment building 
  • 20 three-bedroom, 57 two-bedroom, and 21 one-bedroom apartments 
  • Five units cater for tenants with physical disability and another six are Class C Adaptable, so easily modified for tenants with disability 
  • All units have 6* energy ratings demonstrating commitment to sustainability 
  • Mix of singles, families and key workers from the Manningham area