कृपया सुनिश्चित करें कि जावास्क्रिप्ट उद्देश्यों के लिए सक्षम है वेबसाइट पहुंच

कार्यकारी प्रबंधन टीम

हम बड़ी चुनौती का सामना करने के लिए अवसर पैदा करते हैं। हम कहते हैं कि हम क्या करेंगे, और हम वही करते हैं जो हम कहते हैं। हमारी मुद्रा वितरण, परिणाम, विश्वसनीयता और विश्वास है।

हमारी कार्यकारी प्रबंधन टीम लगभग 200 लोगों के एक कर्मचारी की देखरेख करती है और यह सुनिश्चित करती है कि हम हर साल हजारों लोगों की सहायता करने के अपने उद्देश्य को पूरा करना जारी रखें जो बेघर हैं या विक्टोरिया में आवास संकट का सामना कर रहे हैं।


ट्रुडी रे

सी ई ओ

Trudi was appointed CEO in August 2022. A highly experienced Executive Director, Trudi has worked in the community housing sector for 19 years, most recently as Deputy CEO and Chief Operations Officer with HHS.​ As a strategic and authentic leader with a passion for social justice, Trudi is focused on putting clients at the core of service delivery and working in collaboration with like-minded partners to deliver greater outcomes for the most vulnerable in our community.​


बर्नी मॉस

Chief People and Change Officer

Bernie leads our new business improvement portfolio, which focuses on the transformation and uplift of our organisation through our people, processes, systems and change. This portfolio contains the functions of People & Culture, Digital Services, Continuous Improvement and Enterprise Change. Bernie also currently leads the Business Services Portfolio which incorporates Corporate Services; Finance; Quality & Risk; Health & Safety.

Bernie is a passionate executive with a career spanning a diverse range of industries and work environments, from professional services to heavy industry. With more than 28 years in the People & Culture field, Bernie has a strong track record of supporting people through change, transformation and building capability. Bernie has successfully led multi-disciplined business functions, bringing his diverse experiences and insights to enable better business outcomes.


ब्लेक होगन

कार्यकारी निदेशक, विकास और संपत्ति सेवाएं

At HHS, Blake drives economic and strategic planning to deliver a pipeline of growth projects and has been instrumental in the development of significant projects including New Epping. With a background in finance, investment banking, sales and trading and corporate advisory, Blake’s success in delivery is underpinned by a strong understanding of regional communities.