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Hey You-t

Haven; Home, Safe has a mobile off-road assertive outreach service for rough sleepers in Swan Hill called the HeyYou-t.

Le HeyYou-t est un espace sûr où les personnes qui dorment dans la rue peuvent entrer en contact avec l'équipe d'intervention en faveur des sans-abri. Il transporte des aliments de base et des articles essentiels et s'arrête à plusieurs endroits connus dans la région de Swan Hill.

An initiative of the State Government’s Victorian Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Plan, HeyYou-t and our HeyVan in Bendigo are two of eight assertive outreach programs across the state to service areas identified as having the highest incidence of rough sleeping. 

The Swan Hill service has been funded through the Department of Health and Human Services for $861,000 over two years and has the capacity to provide assertive outreach to up to 120 people sleeping rough a year, including rapid access to emergency accommodation, health services, ongoing case management and housing support.

Services Offered 

The HeyYou-t operates Monday to Friday and provides a range of outreach services, including: 

  • Basic food and essential items such as tea, coffee, water along with blankets and some clothing items. 
  • Accès aux hébergements d'urgence 
  • Access to specialist services such as mental health, drug and alcohol support, allied health and more 
  • Ongoing support and case management offering for people to be relocated off the street and into safe and permanent housing 
  • Réponses innovantes et soutien aux personnes qui pourraient ne pas s'engager dans les services traditionnels 

Locations – where to find the HeyYou-t 

The HeyYou-t visits a number of sites around the Swan Hill District which include: 

  • River bends 
  • Local parks 
  • Show grounds 
  • Train stations


To find out more about the HeyYou-t and its services:  

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