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Aide au logement

If you need assistance securing or maintaining a private rental, accessing affordable housing or have specific circumstances that require extra housing support, we can help you out. 

First of all, you’ll need to visit one of our offices so we can conduct an assessment of your circumstances and determine how we can assist you.

As a registered Housing Association, we provide a Transitional Housing Management Program (THM) and long-term housing (AHA) for people experiencing or who are at risk of homelessness, and for people with disabilities across key areas of Victoria.  

To access these houses, you need to be registered on the Victorian Housing Register.

Our housing support programs

Hébergement d'urgence

If you have nowhere to stay tonight, we can help you access emergency accommodation such as short-term stays in motels or rooming houses.

Logement de transition

Transitional Housing Management Program (THM) is supported short-term accommodation and a program that provides housing advice and planning depending on your personal circumstances.

Logement à long terme

Long-term housing means that you rent an affordable property from us at a rate contingent with your income with a long-term vision.

Register for Housing

Information on how to apply for the Victorian Housing Register (VHR) as a new applicant or if you wish to transfer from your existing social housing property.

Disability housing

Active SDA is a service of Haven; Home, Safe that develops and supplies housing for people who are eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funded by the NDIS.

Comment est-ce que nous pouvons vous aider

Pour accéder à nos services, vous devrez vous rendre dans l'un de nos bureaux afin que nous puissions procéder à une évaluation

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