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Logement direct

Notre programme Logement direct offre une nouvelle approche de l'itinérance qui comprend un logement sûr et durable et un soutien à la gestion de cas pour les personnes en situation d'itinérance ou à risque d'itinérance.

Officially launched in August 2018, the program operates across Bendigo, Geelong, Mildura and Echuca, and has seen great success across all regions since its inception.

The outcomes experienced by participants of the Housing Direct program include:

  • improved financial stability
  • independence
  • improved health and wellbeing
  • education and employment opportunities
  • improved relationships
  • strengthened connections to family, friends and community

The program is funded by the Victorian Government’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to increase access to affordable housing and provide a direct pathway to long-term housing.

Referrals for Housing Direct are made from other community services organisations.

Needs and eligibility are thoroughly assessed prior to acceptance into the program and upon allocation to a property, a comprehensive and tailored case management plan is put into place with self-identified goals from the client.