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Email Phishing Scam Alert


Haven; Home, Safe has been impacted by an international phishing scam, resulting in many emails being forwarded maliciously to recipients.

If you have received an email today (2 October 2019) from a member of staff offering to share a secure document file via a link, this is not genuine.

Please do not click on the link and delete immediately.

If you have clicked on the link, you will have been redirected to a fake Office365 site, which will have asked you to enter your username and password.  Do not follow these instructions, as this action could result in details being harvested from your contact list.

We advise anyone who has received this email and clicked on the link to contact their IT support provider immediately.

If your IT provider requires further information they can contact our IT service manager via

We sincerely apologise to anyone who has been impacted by this phishing event as a result.

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