Our Active Division works closely with our valued SIL partners to enhance the independence and lifestyle of people with disability in SDA.

Protecting the health and safety of our tenants, workers and service partners, and assuring service quality and continuity in SDA are paramount as we implement our COVID-19 Action Plan.

The following changes to our services apply until further notice:

• All meetings and tenancy management services are conducted remotely.

Property maintenance is limited to emergency and urgent repairs, with infection control measures in place 

• New SDA vacancies will not be advertised.

• Each current SDA residency in transition is on hold subject to a risk assessment and documentation of process with consideration to up-to-date advice from authorities. 

We require the SIL Provider to notify Active management team immediately of suspected or confirmed cases of worker or tenant infection or contact with COVID-19.

Please contact the Active management team to discuss any aspect of SDA support and service delivery. 

This is very important when the issue may impact service quality, safety or continuity. 

Our policies and operational settings are under constant review. We will continue to seek your input and let you know of any changes immediately.

Further information about our service framework is provided here.



We have created signage which Haven; Home, Safe requires to be placed on the external wall or door to the front entry of our SDA dwellings in clear view of anyone approaching the entrance.

We will be in touch to make arrangements for a contractor to place the signage if needed.

We are developing an operational procedure for the Management of Care Facilities Direction in consultation with each SIL Provider, including communicating with residents and families about the Directions and procedures.


Directions from Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable Disease) in accordance with emergency powers arising from declared state of emergency.

To comply with the Care Facilities Directions, Haven; Home, Safe must take all reasonable steps to ensure that a person does not enter or remain on the premises of Specialist Disability Accommodation if the person is prohibited from doing so by clause 5 of the Directions.

Haven; Home, Safe will operationalise the Care Facilities Directions in consultation with our SIL partners.

Restricting access to care facilities – frequently asked questions


We require SIL Providers to inform us in writing of their Covid-19 Action Plan, including:

• Measures taken to identify and protect tenants from infection with COVID-19
• Policy and procedure for managing staff and tenant suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19
• SDA transition management policy and protocols
• Any changes to the level, quality or capacity of SIL service.

This information may take the form of an email to a member of the Active management team, or other format as appropriate.

We understand this rapidly changing environment is challenging service providers as we work hard to convert information to policy and operations. Information sharing and communication will help us work together.


Where a collaboration agreement has been finalised between Haven; Home, Safe and a SIL Provider, this agreement will continue to provide the framework for us to work together to meet our obligations for service quality, safety and continuity. Otherwise, transition arrangements and service level agreements apply.

We will work closely with each SIL provider to ensure the continuity of our essential supports and services to NDIS participants.

The NDIS Commission has advised Registered providers should use the Notification of event form – COVID-19 (Registered providers) to notify the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commissioner of change or events resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. 


We expect strict infection control measures to be undertaken by SIL Providers to safeguard the health and safety of tenants, workers and visitors in SDA dwellings and workplaces.

These include:
• Hand washing protocols (wash hands and use hand sanitiser before, during and after attending sites)
• Physical distancing protocols in place for tenants (where possible), workers and visitors (1.5m between people)
• Where appropriate, restrictions on entry to SDA dwellings for non-essential personnel and visitors
• Increased cleaning of the SDA premises with regimens developed in accordance with advice from health authorities
• Implementation of isolation and quarantine protocols in accordance with advice from authorities.

Haven; Home, Safe is committed to working with SIL providers to provide appropriate accommodation for NDIS participants, including anyone suspected or confirmed infected with COVID-19.


The SIL Provider will help Haven; Home Safe to engage with a Participant and their family to provide information about:

  • The implementation of the COVID-19 action plan
  • The quality and safety of SDA supports
  • Tenancy and property information other information.

We will work with each SIL Provider to communicate clearly with each resident, their family and guardians about the impact of our COVID-19 strategies, including Easy English and information in accessible formats.


9314 8555
AFTER HOURS 1300 012 226

We will endeavour to continue to deliver urgent maintenance to all SDA properties.

Urgent maintenance includes:
• Blocked drains and toilets
• Heating, cooling or hot water service not working
• Gas leak
• Dangerous electrical fault
• Any fault or damage in the premises that make the premises unsafe or insecure
• Any fault or damage to assistive and communication technology provided as part of SDA property infrastructure, not including residents own technology and equipment. It is the SIL Provider’s responsibility to assist SDA residents to arrange for the repair and replacement of personal technology and equipment.

Haven; Home, Safe have advised contractors of the following process:

• Contractors will contact the SIL Provider to arrange a suitable time to attend the SDA dwelling to undertake essential property maintenance, and call just prior to attending and ask about any suspected or confirmed exposure to COVID-19 at the site
• Contractors are advised to infection control measures and instructions from on-site SIL workers. The SIL Provider is requested to ensure that infection control measures are in place and followed by the contractor.
• Contractors will not attend sites with confirmed exposure to COVID-19, and will advise Haven; Home, Safe if this occurs.


Haven; Home, Safe and Active staff will not attend any SDA dwellings until further notice.

Our housing team is available via telephone and virtual communication (Zoom, Skype, Facetime etc) andic required, we may contact the on-site SIL Provider to arrange a ‘Virtual Meeting’ to progress a tenancy issue or property repair.

The administration of SDA Residency Agreements will utilise electronic document signing software where possible.


We will not advertise or proceed with new vacancies in Haven-owned or managed SDA properties until further notice. This is due to the complexity of risk management in the COVID-19 environment.

We propose to monitor the development of new policies and procedures by peak bodies and the NDIA, and to undertake a case-by-case review of all current SDA transition management plans.


We are currently reviewing Emergency Management Plans and arrangements for each dwelling with respect to COVID-19.

SIL Providers must continue to implement the current emergency management plan in place for each dwelling, including;
• conducting emergency drills
• implementing emergency evacuation procedures
• developing and implementing a Personal Emergency Evacuation Procedure (PEEP) for those who need one
• transport arrangements in the event of an emergency
• deciding for continuity of SIL supports.

The SIL Provider is responsible for the provision of a PEEP for each Participant requiring one.

We may seek input from SIL Providers to review the emergency evacuation procedure for the SDA dwelling with consideration to COVID-19 impact which includes:
• appropriate evacuation procedures for vulnerable participants;
• suitable transport arrangements; and
• continuity of supports and appropriate accommodation for participants in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.


SDA Providers and SIL Providers are required to notify the NDIS Commission in accordance with the law and as advised by the NDIS Commission at Notification of event form – COVID-19 (Registered providers).


Chris Glennen, Executive Director Haven; Home, Safe – Active Division
Mob: 0438 991 600

Janeen Lynch, Executive General Manager – Housing people with Disability
Mob: 0436 929 539

Sheryl Batrouney, Partnerships and Housing Manager
Mob: 0409 097 497

Peter Feltham, General Manager Maintenance and Home Modifications
Phone: 03 9314 8555

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