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Od beskućništva do doma

From Homelessness to a Home

Haven; Home, Safe (HHS) and Mind Australia have joined forces to deliver the From Homelessness to a Home (H2H) program across the Barwon South West and Loddon Mallee regions of Victoria.

The State Government-funded program provides a pathway for people who were temporarily placed in hotels during COVID-19 to transition from emergency accommodation and into their own home.

HHS and Mind will work with other specialist agencies to deliver a tailored and responsive service based on the needs of individuals, including mental health, drug and alcohol, and family violence support to help them sustain a long-term tenancy.

For further information about the program please contact Director, Homelessness Program Acquisition & Development Kerry Ashley

As part H2H we are looking to partner with real estate agents and private rental providers to make properties available for sub-lease to our clients in need of social housing. Click here to find out more about our Head Leasing Program.