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A workplace where everyone belongs

We strive to provide a workplace where we proudly rise to the challenges, celebrate our wins, learn from our failures and grow – together.

We place importance on ensuring our organisational culture reflects diversity and inclusion, people-centred decision making and a strong sense of belonging where everyone can bring their whole selves to work.

Valuing a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture

Diversity and inclusion matter greatly to Haven Home Safe, because the work we do often highlights historic systemic barriers for people who are not able to access affordable housing easily and have lower rates of sustained tenancies. For example, we know that:


  • 1 in 6 First Nations people in Victoria access homelessness services every year
  • Family and domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women and children
  • 8.6 per cent of homelessness services clients have a disability
  • Approximately 28 per cent of people accessing homelessness services last year were also experiencing mental health issues
  • LGBTIQ+ people are twice as likely as heterosexuals to experience homelessness
  • Young people from refugee backgrounds are six to 10 times more likely to be at risk of homelessness
  • Older people are a new and emerging group at risk of homelessness, particularly older women with limited retirement savings.


Our work meets people where they are, respecting their experience without judgement whether they are coming to work for us, when we build homes for them or when they come to us because of homelessness and housing stress. We welcome and provide a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations and physical abilities.


Some of our diversity and inclusion activities include:


  • running an internal ‘language matters’ campaign to support inclusive language practice
  • rolling out LGBTIQ+ Homelessness Awareness Training with Thorne Harbor Health
  • Establishing a Diversity and Inclusion committee internally
  • Joining the Diversity Council of Australia
  • Delivering our Inclusive Employment Survey.