Highly respected property developer and dedicated community leader, Damien Tangey, has been appointed the new Chair of Haven; Home, Safe, Australia’s only fully integrated homelessness services and affordable rental housing provider.

Mr Tangey officially assumed the role following the retirement of long-serving Chair and Director, Sue Clarke at the Board’s 2 July 2020 meeting.

“We’re so pleased to have Damien accept this pivotal role of Chair because it marks the next step of our transition into a much stronger organisation on behalf of the people that matter most, our clients,” said Sue Clarke.

“His strategic input and wise counsel on our well-credentialled Board is invaluable, and his integrity, vision, passion, and commitment, mirrors that of our Purpose and core values,” she said.

“Damien’s leadership will ensure we will transition into a dynamic, responsive organisation that continues to keep the people it supports at the very heart of all it does.”

Mr Tangey said he was honoured to accept this enhanced role on the Board of Directors and contribute further to an organisation that continued to make a real difference to the lives of so many Victorians and their families.

“It is the Board’s highest priority to ensure Haven is as best as it can be, and we will work with our clients, their families and the many other stakeholders to make that happen,” Mr Tangey said.

“We are in what is arguably the most significant period of sector reform ever experienced and we have opportunity to honour the values and commitment of those who have worked hard to make Haven such a valued and trusted partner within the Victorian community.”

Mr Tangey joined the Board in February 2019 and is also the managing director of Birchgrove Property.

He has significant experience in property development and a strong understanding of federal, state and local government policy impacting the housing affordability framework.

On taking over the role Mr Tangey said: “Housing Associations are an important and significant part of the property industry and their further integration with broader industry is important to open the door to more much-needed housing.”

Mr Tangey has a Bachelor of Business (Property) and had experience in business management of a multi-faceted health industry business before progressing through to the establishment of his property development company in 2000.

He is also the president of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (Vic), a board member of the Bendigo Business Council, an executive member of the Smarter Bendigo Alliance, a committee member of the Loddon Mallee Regional Development Australia Committee and a trust member of Remembrance Parks Central Victoria.

Newly appointed Chair Damien Tangey, retiring Chair Sue Clarke, and CEO Ken Marchingo AM