From July 1 2019 every Victorian home will be able to access the Victorian Default Offer (VDO) from their energy company.

Customers who have never shopped around for electricity will be transferred automatically from their present ‘standing offer’ on to the VDO from their retailer. The VDO will allow every household to ask for the default offer from their electricity provider and will be regulated by the Essential Services Commission, creating a fair price set independently and not determined by energy retailers.

Your estimated savings

Every household is different, but the VDO will see households result in average savings of between $310 and $450 per year.

Don’t pay too much

Energy providers have previously been able to set electricity prices however they like, which has caused prices to skyrocket in recent years. Households on electricity contracts will automatically be transferred onto the new default offer and those on expensive market contracts will also be able to request the new fair price.

Call your provider today.

You should contact your electricity retailer to check what plan you are on and what will suit your household circumstances. From July 1 this could be the Victorian Default Offer, or it could be a different plan that offers a better deal. 

For further information visit:

Remember, applications for the $50 Power Saving Bonus close June 30 

Every Victorian household is eligible to apply for the $50 Power Saving Bonus from the Victorian Government to help ease bill stress.

Applications have been extended to 30 June, so if you haven’t as yet applied for the $50 Power Saving Bonus now is the time! To receive the $50 bonus and to review your utilities for cheaper energy plans visit: